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  • Preventing Violent Extremism in Somalia and Uganda

    Thanks to our Young Leaders, Extremely Together is scaling up its youth-led activities to prevent violent extremism in Somalia and Uganda.

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  • We call for action

    Our message following the terror attacks in New Zealand.

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  • Countering violent

    A Peer-to-Peer Guide for Young People.

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  • Join the Campaign to be Extremely Together!

    Read about the latest Extremely Together campaign and join us with your own video pledge!

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  • The Missing Bridge between Young Refugees & Countering Extremism

    Read the latest blog from Zaid Al Rayes of Syria.

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  • Gender equality

    Over the past month, Hajer Sharief and Fatima Zaman have exchanged e-mails on life, work, family, and gender equality. Now they open up their inboxes to share what they’ve learned.

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  • (in)Security in Europe

    Read the latest blog from Fatima Zaman, Extremely Together’s young leader from the United Kingdom

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  • Extremely Together at One Young World Ottawa
  • Extremely Together - An initiative with the next generation to counter violent extremism
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Extremely Together

Extremely Together are 10 Leaders, all active in preventing and countering violent extremism in their communities and beyond. Their task was to produce the world’s first guide, by young people for young people, on how to counter violent extremism your community.

The Guide was published in March 2017 and will guide Extremely Together’s work going forward. We hope that it will inspire and assist YOU to finding the right approach to counter violent extremism in your community. Join the movement, be Extremely Together!

We are Extremely Together

These 10 exceptional leaders with proven track-records in preventing and countering violent extremism in their communities were selected from over 500 applications from 72 countries.

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Questions & Answers

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What is Extremely Together trying to achieve?

Extremely Together aims to inspire and engage the next generation of leaders and empower them to tackle violent extremism. Violent extremism threatens us all, but young leaders are uniquely placed to counter its terrible appeal and inspire the next generation through creating an optimistic vision for the future. Extremely Together will equip young people in communities around the world with tools and methods and inspire their peers with perspective where there is hopelessness, trust where there are misgivings, and unity where there is division.

How were the ten selected?

The London-based charity for young leaders, One Young World, ran an open application process, asking for counter-extremism practitioners between the ages of 18 and 30, with at least 3 years of experience, to submit a CV and cover letter. We received over 500 applications from 72 different countries! We were impressed with the standard of applications and encouraged to see the amazing work to counter violent extremism being led by young people all around the world. After reading every single application, we selected just 30 of the applicants to interview on Skype. A panel made up of One Young World and Kofi Annan Foundation staff worked to find the final 10 advocates, ensuring that we had 10 different countries represented, 10 different approaches to CVE, and 10 different skillsets that would be important for the success of Extremely Together. We will continue to engage all 500 applicants to ensure that the leadership Extremely Together provides and shares best practice, and encourages 1.8 billion young people to build a better future.

Do you only focus on Islamic extremism?

No, Extremely Together takes a values-based approach to tackling extremism of all kinds. We define extremism as the vocal or active opposition to the universality of human rights and the rule of law. In particular, we endorse the right to absolute freedom from discrimination, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs. Islamist extremists and far-right extremists all perpetuate them vs us narratives, and Extremely Together seeks to counter these world views and promote positive alternatives based on the values we share. Some of our young leaders focus on violent extremism local to their communities, others focus on transnational jihadism, and others focus on extreme right wing groups, but all share the same commitment to preventing radicalisation and countering violent extremism of all kinds.