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Arizza Nocum


Name: Arizza Nocum
Born: 1995
Nationality: Philippines Philippines

Arizza Nocum is a peace and education advocate from the Philippines. Arizza’s multi-faith background as the daughter of a Catholic father and a Muslim mother inspired her to use education as a tool to promote peace and tolerance.

Arizza founded KRIS Library, an NGO that has built libraries and provided scholarships to schoolchildren living in areas affected by conflict. Beyond KRIS, Arizza has also initiated training programs for young peace-builders in the Philippines and is exploring the use of digital and social media as a tool for peace.

More about Arizza

Open to: Writing, speaking, training
Areas of Expertise: Interfaith harmony, education as a tool for peace, social media and communications in P/CVE
Geographical Scope: Philippines, Southeast Asia


Article – UN OHCHR: Be compassionate Towards Those You Don’t Agree With
Article – Tony Blair Institute for Global Change: World Leaders, This is How We Can Prevent Extremism
Media Coverage – Saving grace: Woman’s Viral Post Shows How Islam, Catholicism Co-Existed in One Home


  • Introducing Extremely Together’s Arizza Nocum of the Philippines
  • Building Libraries, Building Communities