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Towards a fairer, more peaceful world...
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Building peaceful, democratic and resilient societies

The late Chair and founder of the Kofi Annan Foundation shares his vision for a fairer, more peaceful world. We have, for too long, been consuming the resources of the world as if there were no tomorrow. We need to create a world that is equitable, stable, and where the needs of the individual are at the centre of our efforts.

How the Kofi Annan Foundation works

Private diplomacy

The Foundation provides counsel and participates in diplomatic initiatives to avert or resolve crises.

Public advocacy

Through targeted public interventions, the Foundation helps shape public discussion of global issues and threats.

Convening power

The Foundation brings together leaders in diplomacy, business, politics and civil society to jointly tackle threats and crises.

Mediation & Crisis resolution

The Foundation mediates or intervenes in crises when it can make a difference.

The three pillars of a fairer, more peaceful world

Peace and security

There can be no long term peace without development.

Sustainable development

There can be no long-term development without security.

Human rights and the rule of law

No society can long remain prosperous without respect for human rights and the rule of law.

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