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Safeguarding a legacy

Safeguarding an Extraordinary Legacy

As was the wish of Kofi Annan and the Annan family, the Kofi Annan Foundation is committed to protecting the legacy of Kofi Annan in addition to honouring and promoting his values. The Foundation holds the rights to the name “Kofi Annan” to ensure that the use of the name is aligned with the values that Kofi Annan stands for.

Kofi Annan is a protected name

Institutions and organisations wishing to use the name Kofi Annan for strictly non-commercial purposes can submit a request using the official request form below and send it via email to the Foundation.

The requirements within the submission request:

  • Description of the Applicant (including the legal form and country of seat/residence as well as a summary of activities undertaken by the Applicant in the past years);
  • Description of the project initiative (including all relevant details such as the purposes, activities, geographical scope, potential partners and the reason why the Applicant wishes to use the name “Kofi Annan” in relation to the project initiative);
  • How funds will be raised and/or revenue generated from this project initiative, if applicable;
  • Copy of the exact expression and/or logo to be used in relation to the project initiative; and
  • Copies of statutes, documents of incorporation, the extract of the commercial registry, list of Board members or Directors.

Get the request form

Completed forms and accompanying documents should be sent to

Reviewing Process and Further Information

The Kofi Annan Foundation will review each request and reply to each applicant as soon as possible. Please note that the Foundation reserves the right to decline a request without qualification. Due to the number of requests that we receive, there may be some delay before you receive a response.

If approved, the Applicant must send any branding and communication material (in print and/or digital formats, such as websites, leaflets etc.) related to the Applicant’s project initiative to the Foundation for approval prior to use.