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Zaid Al Rayes


Name: Zaid Al Rayes
Born: 1990
Nationality: Syria Syrian Arab Republic

Zaid Al Rayes is a Syrian refugee and entrepreneur living in Dubai. Zaid experienced the realities of violent extremism and conflict in his country and grasped the challenges facing young refugees in accessing the job market. He has developed a business model to address these challenges and has succeeded in creating more than 500 jobs for vulnerable youth, especially refugees, through his Al Rayes Group.

Besides running and leading Al Rayes Group, Zaid works with national and international organizations such as Hedayah, White Helmets, Arab Thought Foundation and One Young World. 

Zaid is currently resuming his PhD degree in the same field in which he publishes academic research related to youth empowerment and entrepreneurship.

More about Zaid

Open to: Training, presentations, public speaking, research 
Areas of Expertise: Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE), entrepreneurship, the role of economics in PVE, PVE effectiveness
Geographical Scope: Syria, Jordan and Lebanon; Turkey; GCC;  Middle East.


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