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Funding Announcement | Kofi Annan Foundation receives grant from Open Society Foundations

We are delighted to announce the continuation of our partnership with the Open Society Foundations (OSF) and the commitment of USD 1.5 million by the OSF to support the work of the Kofi Annan Foundation in 2022 and 2023.

Kofi Annan Foundation Executive Director, Corinne Momal-Vanian, said, “We have worked in partnership with the Open Society Foundations for over a decade. Our partnership is built on the shared belief that solutions to national, regional, and global challenges demand the free exchange of ideas and thinking – and that everyone should have a voice in shaping the policies that affect them. We have worked with the OSF – and will continue to – to build vibrant and inclusive societies, grounded in respect for human rights and the rule of law, whose governments are legitimate, representative and accountable to their people.”

Building long-term relationships of trust with the entities we support, and understanding their health, effectiveness, strengths, and the challenges they face, is an integral part of the Open Society Foundations’ organization-centered approach to grant-making.
– Open Society Foundations

In this period of mistrust and turmoil, we are particularly pleased that the OSF has decided to renew its confidence in the Kofi Annan Foundation’s global work: to restore trust in democracy as the system best able to deliver legitimate and effective governments accountable to their citizens; to rebuild trust in communities emerging from conflicts or torn by violent extremism; to rebuild trust among generations and elevate the voices of young people, and to promote confidence in the ability of the multilateral system to deliver solutions to our pressing global challenges.


Learn more about the work that this grant will help support:

About Open Society Foundations

The Open Society Foundations, founded by George Soros, are the world’s largest private funder of independent groups working for justice, democratic governance, and human rights. The Open Society Foundations works to build vibrant and inclusive societies, grounded in respect for human rights and the rule of law, whose governments are accountable and open to the participation of all people. 

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About the Kofi Annan Foundation 

The Kofi Annan Foundation is an independent not-for-profit organization established in Switzerland in 2007 by the late former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan. Our Board comprises prominent personalities from the public and private sectors, and we have a small team based in Geneva, Switzerland. The Kofi Annan Foundation works to help build peaceful, democratic and resilient societies.