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Promoting Kofi Annan's Legacy & Values

Vision Annan: Promoting Kofi Annan's Legacy

We create, co-create and approve initiatives that celebrate our founder Kofi Annan, convey his values and sustain his influence on contemporary events.

As was the wish of Kofi Annan and the Annan family, the Kofi Annan Foundation is committed to protecting the legacy of Kofi Annan in addition to honouring and promoting his values. The Foundation holds the rights to the name “Kofi Annan” to ensure that the use of the name is aligned with the values that Kofi Annan stood for.

Institutions and organisations wishing to use the name Kofi Annan for strictly non-commercial purposes can submit a request using the official request process.

Learn more about how we are working with organisations around the world to keep his legacy alive by clicking the articles below.


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