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Our 2022 Annual Report – Working our way back to peace

As we reflect on the year 2022 – a year of hope and turmoil, we are excited to share the impact the Kofi Annan Foundation has made in promoting peace and democracy for a better world.

Download the Kofi Annan Foundation 2022 Annual Report

Our board Chair, Elhadj As Sy, captured the spirit of our shared journey, “All of us must play a role in building peaceful and stable communities; we cannot be innocent bystanders.” This sentiment has driven our actions over the past year.

Fostering the Voices of the Future

In 2022, we laid the foundations for the expansion of Extremely Together into the Sahel region. In Colombia, we used music to build youth resilience to violence, and we welcomed 12 new Kofi Annan Changemakers from 11 countries, highlighting the power of ethical leadership in creating meaningful change.

Learning from Kofi Annan’s Legacy

We also launched our first podcast, Kofi Time. Hosted by Ahmad Fawzi, one of Kofi Annan’s former spokespersons and Communication Adviser, each episode examines how Kofi Annan tackled a specific crisis and its relevance to today’s world and challenges. Through lectures and Awards named after our founder, we continued to promote international cooperation to overcome tensions and divides.

Promoting Peaceful, Democratic and Resilient Societies

Our work has taken us to different corners of the world, from recommitting West Africa to democracy to tackling disinformation in Colombia and highlighting the impact of digital technologies on elections in Kenya and Nigeria. Despite the challenges, we remain committed to fostering democratic values, practices and processes.

Supporting Innovation

Together with our partners, we awarded the first-ever Kofi Annan Award for Innovation in Africa to three African start-ups, providing them with funding, mentorship, and support. We also joined forces with WiNFUND to invest in women entrepreneurs improving access to healthcare in Africa.

These highlights are just a glimpse of our efforts in 2022.

We invite you to delve into our 2022 Annual Report to discover the full breadth of our activities and the impact we’ve made.

Thank you for joining us on this journey as we build upon Kofi Annan’s legacy to create a peaceful world for future generations.