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Women in Innovation Fund: Closing the health gap by supporting women entrepreneurs

The Kofi Annan Foundation is proud to announce our partnership with the Health Innovation and Investment Exchange and Reckitt to establish the Women in Innovation Fund (WiNFUND), which supports women-led health innovation start-ups to succeed in democratising access to healthcare.

In partnership with Tokenproof and other leading organisations and businesses across sectors, WiNFUND is wielding the power of technology and using NFTs to generate funds and drive real change in the healthcare sector.

WiNFUND’s NFT collections are designed to help unleash the power of community and raise capital to invest in women-powered innovation that improves access to health and leaves no one behind.

Our late founder and former Secretary-General of the UN, Mr Kofi Annan, dedicated his life to resolving some of the world’s most pressing issues. He said: “It is my aspiration that health finally will be seen not as a blessing to be wished for, but as a human right to be fought for.” With the Women in Innovation Fund, we can contribute to this premise where no one is left behind. Human dignity and rights must be guaranteed, no matter where people live.

Access to healthcare is a fundamental human right. Yet, half the people globally still do not have access to basic healthcare

Digital art by Rwandan Illustrator Christella Bijou for WiNFUND

Digital art by Rwandan Illustrator Christella Bijou for WiNFUND

Application for WiNFUND Africa 2022 Financial and Non-Financial Support for Women-Led Organizations

The Women in Innovation Fund (WiNFUND) is a financial and non-financial support accelerator designed to support women-led and women-focused organizations in different regions worldwide. The WiNFUND invests in innovative products or service organizations working to enable impact on health, access to health and health outcomes.

The WiNFUND Africa will invest in both start-up and growth-stage companies.

Criteria for application

Your organization must meet all three criteria to be considered a viable candidate for investment.

1. Positive impact on health and/ or access to healthcare.
2. Women-led or women-focused organization. Can match one or more of the criteria:`

  • One of the organization’s co-founders is a woman.
  • At least 30% of the senior management team are female.
  • The organization focuses on health issues related to women and girls.

3. The organizations must be based in one of the following African countries: Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa and Uganda.

The selection of enterprises and the investment of funds will be determined by a committee of independent business professionals, social impact experts and financial investors.

Please use this form to submit your organization for consideration to the WiNFUND Africa Accelerator 2022. The submissions will be open from September 20th to November 30th, 2022

For any questions, please email: