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Geneva/2018 : Extremely Together Retreat June 2018.  Eric Roset/Kofi Annan Foundation

Extremely Together Launches Global Digital Consultations for Youth

The Kofi Annan Foundation and the 10 Extremely Together leaders have published a statement to draw attention to the youth peacebuilders and CVE activists as they continue to press for peace, despite the constraints placed upon them by COVID-19. 

Calling on youth peacebuilders to be more present, more vocal, more Extremely Together!

Our late mentor, the great Kofi Annan, always said: “Young people should be at the forefront of global change and innovation. Empowered, they can be key agents for development and peace. If, however, they are left on society’s margins, all of us will be impoverished.”

For four years, Extremely Together and our network of activists, supporters and local chapters across the globe have continued to combat and prevent violent extremism (CVE/PVE) by investing in young people as the leaders of tomorrow.

The COVID-19 pandemic is the defining global health crisis of our time. COVID-19 has cast a profound and irrevocable strain on current leaders, systems and tools, leaving young people unheard and forgotten. Our generation has been harshly impacted and the consequences will reverberate for decades. 

As we continue our fight to build a better, more peaceful and prosperous world, we must adapt and change our approaches to peacebuilding in and amidst this global crisis. COVID-19 does not discriminate in terms of age, culture or creed, but what it does do is leave the most vulnerable in our communities more vulnerable. It brings a halt to our abilities to assemble and to be Extremely Together. It disrupts our capacity to continue to build a lasting peace for everyone.

Among the misinformation and lack of structure that the world is currently experiencing, we are proud to announce the launch of #DigitalDiscussions with #ExtremelyTogether – a series of digital consultations designed by and for global youth.

Our mission:

To voice concerns, receive expert advice, gain support and create solutions together, to ensure our voices are heard now more than ever.

Together we will advocate at the highest levels of national and global organisations, to deliver better support and service for youth peacebuilders and CVE activists as they continue to press for peace, despite the constraints placed upon them by COVID-19.


Take part in a short online survey aimed at collecting as many youth perspectives as possible on peace and preventing violent extremism and continue the conversation on Extremely Together social media and using #ETDiscussions hashtag.

Session 1: See the recording for “Setting the scene: COVID-19, youth & the landscape of violent extremism”

Session 2: See the recording for “The effects of COVID-19 on youth-led activism and the prevention of violent extremism”

Session 3: See the recording for “Developing youth-led solutions to polarization and tensions resulting from COVID-19”

Session 4: See the recording for “Our demand of our leaders – Reforms needed for a post-pandemic future”