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Kofi Annan Foundation facilitates Bill Clinton’s visit to Nigeria ahead of elections

The Kofi Annan Foundation welcomes President Bill Clinton’s forthcoming visit to Nigeria ahead of the country’s national elections.

“As Nigeria heads towards presidential elections, every effort must be made to ensure that they take place in a peaceful atmosphere” Alan Doss, President of the Kofi Annan Foundation, said. “President Bill Clinton is well-known and respected in Nigeria and we are pleased that he agreed to make the trip in order to personally urge all the candidates and their parties to re-commit to the peace pledge they adopted last December. President Clinton’s presence demonstrates the importance of these elections not only for Nigeria but Africa as a whole”.

The Kofi Annan Foundation actively supported the “Abuja Accords” ahead of the 2015 elections. This year, with President Bill Clinton and the National Peace Committee of Nigeria, the Foundation is again working to encourage free, fair and peaceful elections in Africa’s most populous country.

The Kofi Annan Foundation, through a network of elder statespersons and elections experts, works to avert electoral violence and advance electoral integrity everywhere.