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The challenges ahead of us are large and the stakes are high. Climate change is a fundamental threat to our individual and human security…

Over the last few years, we have seen concerted action to tackle poverty and inequality across our planet.

The international community came together to agree the Millennium Development Goals to spread prosperity, improve health and put our world on a path toward sustainability.

But while in many areas we have seen progress, climate change threatens to reverse these improvements and dash our hopes for a fairer and sustainable world.

We are now seeing a growing awareness of the threats of climate change and the need to reduce emissions of the heat-trapping gases which are causing it.

Science tell us that preventing the most severe impact of climate change needs action now to cut greenhouse gas emissions by around 80% by 2050.

But even this radical action will not prevent a rise in global temperatures, increase in sea levels and frequency of severe droughts and storms over the next decades.

Human activity has already altered our atmosphere.

Climate change is not a future threat.

It is already happening and is having a damaging impact on the lives of millions of people.

So we need to take steps now to manage the changes underway and prepare for the unavoidable changes ahead.

In this tour, I will take you around the globe to meet the people already struggling with the impact of climate variability and change on their lives.

We will explore the implications of continued and accelerated changes in weather patterns and learn what steps are needed to adapt to living in a changing climate.