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Susana Malcorra

Board Member


Susana Malcorra is an internationally accomplished business executive, international civil servant and politician.

Ms Malcorra’s career includes leading Telecom Argentina as its CEO, serving as Deputy Executive Director at the World Food Programme and later as then-UN secretary-general Ban Ki Moon’s Chief of Staff.

After leaving the United Nations, Ms Malcorra was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship for the Republic of Argentina before stepping down in December 2017.

Among other salient tasks Ms Malcorra coordinated the Missions to eliminate the Syrian Chemical Weapons and to respond to the Ebola Emergency in West Africa. Susana Malcorra has multiple affiliations in Think Tanks, Foundations and Academia.

“The Kofi Annan Foundation’s importance for our times lies in the organisation’s ability to identify obstacles to peace and good governance and then set about mobilising the leadership needed to overcome them. Today, as democracies and good governance are threatened in many parts of the world, I can’t think of a worthier cause to join.”