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The Elders welcome the Iranian nuclear agreement

Praising the persistence and commitment shown, The Elders urge all sides to implement fully the nuclear deal, which could bring “significant improvement in regional stability and security”.

The Elders warmly congratulate all the parties to the nuclear talks on the successful conclusion of these marathon negotiations.

The delegations and their political leaders have shown determination and tenacity to overcome the many obstacles in their path and arrive at an agreement which, if implemented in full and in good faith, could lead to a significant improvement in regional stability and security.

Kofi Annan, Chair of The Elders, said:

“The people and the countries of the world can be grateful for the courage, commitment and persistence shown by the negotiators and their governments, and for the hope that this agreement has brought. It is vital that tangible and early progress is now made on implementation, in particular on watertight verification mechanisms and the lifting of sanctions on Iran.”

The Elders call on all those who continue to resist or work against this ground-breaking agreement to put aside ideological preconceptions, historical grievances and narrow political interests, and see it as a chance to further the wider aims of peace.

The Elders urge the parties to the agreement and other regional powers to seize this opportunity to build on the goodwill and progress achieved to help tackle the religious extremism and deep sectarian divisions, which are creating enormous human suffering and massive devastation throughout the Middle East.

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