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Funding Announcement | Kofi Annan Foundation Receives Grant from Carnegie Corporation of New York

The Kofi Annan Foundation is delighted to announce the continuation of our partnership with the Carnegie Corporation of New York. The Corporation’s U.S. $200,000 commitment will support the work of the Kofi Annan Foundation in 2024 and 2025.

Kofi Annan Foundation Executive Director Corinne Momal-Vanian said, “Carnegie Corporation has been investing in the knowledge that inspires informed action in democracy and international peace since 1911. We are honoured to have been recognised for carrying this work forward. The Kofi Annan Foundation will continue to invest in addressing policy, governance and practical challenges at the global level and with national and community level engagements. We hope the Carnegie Corporation model of trusting investments in partner organisations will continue to serve as a model of excellence.”

In this period of growing polarisation and assertive nationalist agendas, which are marked around issues of democratic governance and multilateralism, we are particularly pleased that the Carnegie Corporation has decided to renew its confidence in the Kofi Annan Foundation’s global work, which includes promoting confidence in the ability of the multilateral system and the international normative framework to deliver solutions to pressing global challenges.

Learn more about the work that this grant will support:

Through a series of targeted training and mentoring programmes, expert roundtable discussions, research, and advocacy campaigns, our work will contribute to the following:

  • Equipping young and aspiring political leaders from around the world to become better equipped to respond to emerging, global and interconnected challenges.
  • Building a common understanding of how good governance and democratic, ethical and inclusive leadership practices are essential to solving global challenges and facilitating international agreement.
  • Enhancing evidence-based understanding of the links between multilateralism and democracy and how strong accountability mechanisms and public trust at the national level can increase the effectiveness of action globally.
  • Increasing public interest in the links between democracy and multilateralism, and the need to take effective, joint action to respond to the retreat of democracy and multilateralism.

About Carnegie Corporation of New York

Carnegie Corporation of New York is one of America’s oldest grantmaking foundations. Established in 1911 by Andrew Carnegie to promote the advancement and diffusion of knowledge and understanding. In keeping with this mandate, the Corporation’s work focuses on the issues that Andrew Carnegie considered of paramount importance: international peace, the advancement of education and knowledge, and the strength of our democracy.

Learn more on the Carnegie website.

About the Kofi Annan Foundation

The Kofi Annan Foundation is an independent not-for-profit organisation established in Switzerland in 2007 by the late former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan. Our Board comprises prominent personalities from the public and private sectors, and we have a small team based in Geneva, Switzerland. The Kofi Annan Foundation works to help build peaceful, democratic and resilient societies.