Youth leadership

    Countering Violent Extremism

    With the support of the European Commission and One Young World, we are launching an initiative aimed at empowering young people to prevent and counter violent extremism.

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    Opinion Piece

    The Case for Citizen leadership

    In his latest article, Kofi Annan analyses the world’s major fault-line and calls on citizens to counter them on three fronts. The article was published in January 2016 in newspapers across the world.

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    Mediation and crisis resolution

    Preventing and resolving crises around the world

    The Foundation is often asked to intervene in crises, to bring parties together as an impartial independent mediator or a convener.

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On the three pillars for a fairer, more peaceful world

Kofi Annan speaks about the three pillars of healthy and sustainable democracy: peace and security, inclusive development, and rule of law and respect for human rights.

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Our Mission

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    The knowledge needed to solve many of the world´s pressing problems already exists.

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    What holds us back is lack of leadership and political will to bring about change.

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    We mobilise political will to overcome threats to peace, development and human rights...

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    ...by convening and engaging leaders across the world. These are our projects:

Building lasting peace

Combatting hunger

Changing drug policy

Promoting youth leadership

Mediation and crisis resolution

Supporting democracy and elections with integrity

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Karama’s story: Our colleague Natalie McDonnell discusses dignity and dealing with despair



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