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Kofi Annan’s last 12 months at the Kofi Annan Foundation

As Kofi Annan is laid to rest tomorrow in Ghana, we reflect on his remarkable life, works and principles. The Kofi Annan Foundation was borne of Mr. Annan’s profoundly held convictions – those of great statesman, a committed internationalist and a compassionate human being – that we have a duty to pursue a fairer and more peaceful world.
For 10 years, the small team at the Foundation has had the honour and privilege of building with him initiatives to assist countries and communities to move forward on the road to peace. Under his exacting but always human touch, we worked with our many partners to build global coalitions for change; coalitions which work together to safeguard elections with integrity, encourage reconciliation after conflict, deploy youth leadership to counter violent extremism, ensure food security in Africa and support peace processes that really produce lasting peace.

Mr. Annan was active and engaged until the very end, pushing forward the Foundation’s work and pushing each of us to strive in equal measure with purpose, humility and thoughtfulness, as this photo gallery well shows.

Alan Doss
President, Kofi Annan Foundation