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Electoral Integrity in Latin America: High Level Summit in Mexico

The conference “Electoral Integrity in Latin America” is an initiative of the Kofi Annan Foundation’s Electoral Integrity Initiative, organised jointly with the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Mexico, the National Electoral Institute of Mexico, the Federal Electoral Court of Mexico, the Specialized Electoral Attorney of Mexico, the Electoral Institute of Mexico City, and the Latin American Parliament.

The objective of the Conference will be to share experiences, compare challenges and exchange best practices, to strengthen and work on the electoral integrity of the region, as well as the exchange of experiences to support democracy through peaceful elections with integrity and smooth transitions in Latin America.

It will include representatives of the executive, legislative and judicial branches, political parties, civil society organizations, academia and the media from countries across the region.

Six working groups will discuss the following issues: the concept of electoral integrity, gender perspectives in electoral processes; money and politics, prevention and control of election-related violence; access to justice; media and threats to electoral integrity.

The working groups’ key take-aways will be captured in a synthesis report that will be published subsequently. It will contain cutting-edge approaches to strengthening electoral integrity throughout Latin America.

Second, a cross-regional network of professionals, political actors, experts and civil society organisations will facilitate permanent political dialogue in the region.

“Elections without integrity cannot provide the winners with legitimacy, the losers with security and the public with confidence in their leaders and institutions”, says Kofi Annan, chair of the Kofi Annan Foundation. “This conference will provide a platform for much needed exchanges to strengthen democracy throughout Latin America”.

Watch Mr Annan’s video message to summit attendees here:

The conference can be followed via a live stream here:

The programme for the Conference is available for download here.

The key publications of the Electoral Integrity Initiative are available below in both English and Spanish:

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