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OpEd | Addressing the Information Disorder: Building and Sustaining Collaboration

In an series of articles for The Elephant, Kofi Annan Foundation consultant Abdulmalik Sugow discusses the place of multistakeholder collaboration in addressing the information disorder. Specifically, its importance and how to bring collectives together.

In a prior article, Abdulmalik Sugow, lawyer, legal researcher and consultant for the Kofi Annan Foundation, discussed the need to address the information disorder (defined as mis- and disinformation) through collaborative multistakeholder collectives such as Fumbua Kenya. As a follow-up, he takes the next step of envisioning the ideal composition for such collectives with a two-part op-ed for The Elephant.

In part one, Sugow briefly explores other similar collectives to draw lessons on building collaboration.

Addressing the Information Disorder: Building Collaboration
Published 31 March 2023.
In deploying measures to address the information disorder, the trend is towards establishing multistakeholder collaboratives.
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A natural follow-on to these discussions is how such collaborations can be sustainable and move past the initial issues which united the collectives in question. In part two, Sugow explores some of the key considerations multistakeholder collectives should consider, such as purpose, defined roles, and, perhaps most importantly, dynamism.

Addressing the Information Disorder: Sustaining Collaboration
Published 20 April 2023.
Multistakeholder collectives face challenges in sustaining collaboration beyond the initial issues that first united them.
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