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Electoral Integrity Initiative

About the Electoral Integrity Initiative

In 2013, in line with a recommendation of the Global Commission on Elections, Democracy and Security, the Kofi Annan Foundation launched the Electoral Integrity Initiative (EII). The EII is an informal network of organisations and individuals who share a common concern for the unaddressed political challenges that undermine elections, especially in countries that have recently emerged from, or are experiencing, prolonged political instability.

The project is managed by a small team within the Kofi Annan Foundation. A group of individuals from around the world and from organisations with expertise and experience in improving electoral integrity make up the steering group for the project. Membership of the group is by invitation and informal. A group of Senior Public Figures made up of former statesmen and women has agreed to lend their support to the Initiative, and to engage, where requested, with individual countries where the risks of fraught and possibly violent elections are high.

EII Panel of Senior Figures