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Michael Møller

Board Member


Mr Møller has over 40 years of experience as an international civil servant in the United Nations. He began his career in 1979 with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and worked for the United Nations in different capacities in New York, Mexico, Iran, Haiti, Cyprus and Geneva.

Mr Møller served as Director-General of the United Nations Office at Geneva as well as Secretary-General of the United Nations Conference on Disarmament and Personal Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General to the Conference of Disarmament from September 2013 to July 2019. Prior to that, Mr Møller served as Executive Director of the Kofi Annan Foundation from 2008 to 2011.

In recognition of his efforts to deepen public understanding of the vital role of the United Nations and its partners in Geneva, Mr Møller received a series of prizes from the City of Geneva, the Union Suisse des Attachés de Presse and, most recently, the Fondation pour Genève.

Born in 1952 in Copenhagen, Mr Møller earned a Master’s degree in International Relations from Johns Hopkins University, the United States, and a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the University of Sussex, United Kingdom.

“It is with great pleasure that I have accepted the honour to be part of the Board of the Kofi Annan Foundation. Mr Annan was a great mentor to me and a friend of many years and being given a chance to help the Foundation protect, and build on, his legacy offers me a very welcome opportunity to pay back on the enormous debt of gratitude I owe him for his service to humanity and his extraordinary influence on my life. He was, and his memory and legacy continue to be, a guiding light to me as it is to so many of us.”