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Eddie Kayinda

Programs - Political Financing and Civic Engagement, Alliance for Campaign Finance Monitoring (ACFIM) - UGANDA

Eddie Kayinda is an economist and a master of public administration and management. He is a senior researcher at Alliance for Campaign Finance Monitoring (ACFIM), a pan-African CSO that monitors money in politics. He is an expert on electoral governance and economic development.

He has widely researched and published on financing elections and election campaigns in East Africa focusing with focus on:

  • Local and foreign sources of political and election financing and influence on multi party political dispensation
  • Unregulated campaign spending and impact on electoral participants
  • Ccommercialized electoral processes and captivity of state institutions
  • Pre-campaign spending and its relationship with electoral outcomes and
  • Influence of tenderprenuers on political party and individual candidates’ electoral outcomes.

He is heading the national team that is using digital/ICT tools to monitor and compute electoral expenses across 14 regions in Uganda ahead of 2021 national elections. He relates research to national and sub-national economic development and service delivery. He is an advocate of national laws that regulate campaign financing to create a level playing field for electoral competition in emerging democracies. He designed tools and supervised teams to monitor pre-campaign and campaign/electoral expenses at presidential, parliamentary and local government levels in Uganda. He has also consulted widely on people, poverty, governance and development with government of Uganda, CSOs and bilateral development partners.

“Unregulated electoral distorts electoral competition”