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Eating Insects: “A question of education”


Eating insects: “A question of education”



Eating insects: “A question of education”


On 18 June 2013, Mr. Annan participated in an interview with Mr. Dicke and Mr. Van Huis, Professors of entomology at Wageningen University in the Netherlands, stressing the potential of edible insects for improving global food and nutrition security: “We have to acknowledge that many people – one in eight – do not get enough nutrition in terms of animal proteins, even though they have enough calories to eat. If we can raise insects as an animal protein source, we should be able to bridge the gap.”

Pointing to the increasing global demand for animal-based protein sources and the imprint of cattle and other livestock on the environment, Mr. Annan advocated for the promotion of entomology through education. Mr. Annan’s contribution will appear in the English version of ‘The Insect Cookbook’, to be published and released by Columbia University Press (New York) in early 2014.