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Extremely Together Pakistan Chapter is taking off!

This quarter, we want to put the spotlight on the Extremely Together Pakistan Chapter, which was launched earlier this year and has already grown significantly.

As part of Extremely Together’s expansion in Asia, supported by the European Union, the Pakistan Chapter was established to build a national network of young leaders engaged in social change and the promotion of peace and togetherness.

Over the last six months, and despite the lockdown, the Chapter has conducted research to better understand what drives urban youth to embrace violent extremist narratives. It has led a successful online campaign to recruit young people to join its emerging movement. On Facebook alone, the Chapter has gained 2,889 Followers, which has served as a basis for the selection of participants in a series of capacity-building workshops on PVE that the Chapter launched in Lahore in September.

Similar workshops will be carried out in Pakistan’s main cities. We ask that you stay tuned for more stories about the Pakistan Chapter and the other Extremely Together Chapters, namely, the Philippines, Somalia and Uganda!