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Extremely Together’s Uganda Chapter hosts community dialogue for vulnerable youth

Earlier this month Extremely Together’s Uganda Chapter leader Hassan Ndugwa and his organisation the Uganda Muslim Youth Development Forum (UMDYF) conducted a community dialogue for vulnerable youth in Bugiri district on how to prevent and counter violent extremism. The focus was to engage leaders on the challenges faced by young people, potential solutions and opportunities in one of the most at-risk areas in Uganda.

Hassan, centre, with Extremely Together Uganda Chapter members and community leaders. Photo: Uganda Muslim Youth Development Forum

Participants included youth from the most marginalised Muslim sect – the ‘Salaf’ – who continue to live in isolation with their own schools, butchers and mosques. Youth from other faith communities, including Catholics, Anglicans, Orthodox, and others, also participated in the dialogue.

This is first of a series of dialogues in the region.


(Photos: Uganda Muslim Youth Development Forum)

About the Uganda Muslim Youth Development Forum

Founded by two youth survivors of the 2010 Al Shabaab terrorists attack in Kampala, the Uganda Muslim Youth Development Forum is a non-profit, youth-led organisation dedicated to promoting values of peace, pluralism and prevention/countering of violent extremism.

Their mission is to develop the next generation of young leaders who will enrich Uganda’s society and serve as a voice for the Muslim community in government, media and the wider community, which leads to a better understanding of Islam.