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Statement | Almass Elman: A statement from Extremely Together

Yesterday we received the devastating news that Almaas Elman, sister to our Extremely Together Young Leader Ilwad Elman, was killed by a bullet in her car while being driven to the airport in Mogadishu, Somalia.

We are devastated to the very core at this tragic event. Devastated for the world’s youth that has lost yet another activist engaged in overcoming divisions, violence and hatred. Devastated for Somalia, a country that has had to endure so much and that can ill afford to lose another young life that embodied the country’s hope and future. And lastly, devastated for Almaas’ family, who, through their selfless activism against violent extremism have touched so many lives, including ours.

Almaas’ family has been deeply engaged in bridging the countries division and showing affected youth a peaceful pathway back into society. Almaas’ and Ilwad’s mother, Fartuun Adan established The Elman Peace and Human Rights Center in 1990 in honour of their late-father, entrepreneur and human rights activist Elman Ali Ahmed, who was assassinated on March 9, 1996.

Our hearts go out to Ilwad and her family during this difficult time. We are determined to press forward with our work against violent extremism for a fairer, more inclusive, and peaceful world.

Rest in peace, Almaas.